How to play the card betting - yellow card and red card betting in football betting

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    Football is the most beloved football worldwide, which is why football betting comes in various forms, with nearly every bookmaker offering different types of bets. Besides the primary bets like Asian handicap and European handicap, we also have secondary bets such as corner kick bets, throw-in bets, and card betting, which many players choose to participate in.
    If you're new to football betting and want to explore various types of bets, you can take a look at yellow card and red card betting. This type of bet appears in all matches and attracts a significant number of bettors. For specific information about this type of bet, please read the article below.
    Understanding card betting - yellow card and red card betting in football betting
    Card betting, including yellow card and red card betting, requires players to predict how many cards the referee will show during the entire match. The betting period lasts until the match concludes, after which players place their bets based on the odds provided by the bookmakers.
    English names for card betting:
    Card Betting: Total Bookings
    Yellow Card Betting: Yellow Card Betting
    Red Card Betting: Red Card Betting
    To diversify the betting options for players and make the matches and bets more exciting, card betting has been introduced in online football betting. However, according to experts in football betting, card betting is a challenging type of bet with a high level of risk, and newcomers should avoid it because they may not be familiar with observing the game or have enough betting experience.
    Types of card betting in football betting
    For card betting, including yellow card and red card betting, you can place bets for the first half, the entire match, for both teams, or just one team. When the match concludes, the betting result is based on the total number of cards, excluding extra time.
    Betting on the number of cards: Yellow card = 1 & Red card = 2. If a player receives two yellow cards and is subsequently shown a red card, it means the player has accumulated a total of 3 cards.
    Betting on card points: Yellow card = 10 & Red card = 25. If a player receives two yellow cards and is then shown a red card, it means the player has accumulated a total of 35 card points.
    Yellow and red cards issued within the playing field are considered valid. Therefore, if cards are shown to substitute players or coaches, they are not counted.
    Handicap card betting
    Similar to Asian Handicap betting, this type of bet includes the upper and lower sides. The bookmaker offers a handicap betting ratio, and the player makes a selection and places a bet accordingly.
    Over/Under card betting
    Based on the odds provided by the bookmaker, players predict how many cards the referee will show to determine whether it's Over or Under a specific number of cards.
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    Foul Card Odd/Even Bet
    This type of bet can be calculated separately for yellow cards or red cards. Players will predict whether the number of cards at the end of the match is odd or even based on the total number of points.
    Yellow Card Bet
    Players place bets on how many yellow cards will appear in the match. Note that one red card is not counted as two yellow cards.
    Red Card Bet
    Similar to the yellow card bet, players place bets on the number of red cards that will appear in the match. However, two yellow cards are not combined into one red card.
    Predicting the Number of Cards for a Player
    To make the game more exciting for the players, bookmakers also offer special bets targeting a specific player or coach for players to choose and place bets on.
    Playing Experience in Foul Card Betting at Bookmakers
    Betting on yellow cards, red cards, and foul bets is not just based on individual luck. Players must also apply some experience to improve their winning odds:
    Before placing a bet, players should research who the referee for the match is and their history of card issuance. Additionally, players should gather information about the playing style of the teams. Typically, teams with a physical playing style receive more fouls.
    Players should choose teams with a long-standing rivalry for foul card bets. Matches between such teams are usually intense, resulting in a higher likelihood of foul cards.
    Players should observe the match situation and its progression to place in-play bets. Players can make predictions based on the psychology and playing style of the players when they enter the field.
    When placing foul card bets, players should select specific players known for their aggressive playing style and a higher likelihood of receiving cards. Players can choose matches where these players are participating.
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    These are the basic details about foul card bets that Wintips wants to share with players. We hope that through this article, players will have a better understanding and become familiar with placing bets on these types of bets.
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