Artists, unite!

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  • Cezary 1 year ago

    I know there are some of you lurking in here! Why don't you share what you're up to? It's always fun to read about various projects. Who knows, maybe we could help one another?

    Something about me:

    Having written and directed a TV series, I've now found myself at a crossroads. I want to surpass or at least match what I achieved, but I've been struggling with serious bouts of anxiety, feeling that my visions are never "good enough". Also, the TV station I worked for has become a puppet of the horrible government we have here, spreading hateful propaganda. I would feel ashamed working there. So now, there are a few directions I would be willing to take, but each of them requires a major contribution from other artists and/or funding. It could be a short film that's made to persuade a studio to make it into a series or a feature film (it's worked once for me, so why not any more?), it could also be a video game or an animated film. I'm still weighing my options.

    Something about the series itself, for those interested: It's called "The Fairytale Land", it's 18 episodes long, around 24 minutes each. Aimed primarily towards the younger audience (but adults won't cringe at it, hopefully!), each episode presents a different fairy tale. The storyteller and his wife speak walk around their mysterious house and tell those tales, summoning characters and dressing up. It's supposed to get kids interested in theatre while keeping them entertained. If anyone wants to see some episodes, please PM me. However, bear in mind that all but the first one (which I made on my own before selling it to a TV station) are solely in Polish and lack English subtitles.

  • B3141 1 year ago

    I'm a pretty amateur artist, haven't had much life to do it in. I haven't really done much that I'm truly proud of, most of the stuff I've done was with an art class. We had a different style each term which definitely helped my skills but now I've got a load of random stuff that I don't really like the look of. Here are my two favourites that I actually like.

  • SpiderHippy 1 year ago

    I can identify with the sensation of standing at a crossroads. While I haven't written for televsion, my first full-length stage play was supposed to premiere this autumn, and nobody knows when we'll be able to safely open up here in the U.S. That makes writing anything feel futile, and it's become difficult to find the energy to sit and work on. As a creative outlet, I have created prototypes for a couple of tabletop games recently, but I'm not really sure what to do with them from here. 

    @B3141 - I think you're off to a great start! Looking good.


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