Is there an Android app?

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  • Marty 1 year ago

     I love this website and I haven't even been here for a day. Although opening my laptop every time I wish to use it seems a little redundant to me. If there is an Android app, I would love to use that too. 

  • Feisar 1 year ago

    Not yet, but the dev claimed on Reddit that it will probably happen, now you just need to be patient :) 

  • Maksim 1 year ago

    That's right, like Feisar said, we don't have an android app yet, but will consider building one soon if people are super interested in it:)

  • Kerren 1 year ago

    I'd definitely be interested in an app, though the site seems super mobile friendly!

  • Vicky_18 1 year ago

    I'm using mobile chrome to open this website. Works pretty fine for me.

  • Syvvie 1 year ago

    Using Firefox mobile, works decent. (Chrome stopped working for me weeks ago, soo idk)


    An app would indeed be awesome though. Easier to get to + notifications

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