Some bits I'd love to see implemented if possible!

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  • Syvvie 2 years ago

     Firstly, I want to say I am really loving the site so far and I can't wait to see it grow more! I have noted a few things that I'd love to see implemented if it is at all possible (and I'm totally patient enough to wait, but I know any feedback can be helpful.)

    - A sorted mailbox! This is a huge one because I can barely keep track of myself. Having a "Need to Reply" box, a "New" box, an "Incoming" box, and a "Replied" box would be awesome. That way, if I read a letter and can't respond yet, knowing I can get back to it easily without having to sort through them will make my life easier and my brain less likely to melt haha

    - An "Archive" option in the mailbox. I understand not having a "delete" option. (Or did I miss it?) But having an archive option would let us review old letters with people who may not message anymore, without ever actually having to delete them.

    - Being able to reply to people on comments. I know I've seen this mentioned by someone else at least once

    - More letter options? Like, to do more to them? I guess? Haha

    - Some widgets and fun stuff as options on our profiles. For example, a Spotify playlist, Youtube widget... 

    - A cat badge because obviously I need one. ;)

    Anyway, these are some things I've just taken note of recently. I love the concept of this site and can't wait to see how things come along. You're doing fantastic work and I'm loving the new people I am getting to meet!


  • SpiderHippy 2 years ago

    Terrific ideas, Syvvie! I hope it's alright if I glom onto your post to make a suggestion of my own.


    Since this site is all about making pen pals, it would be great if we could sort the user search by people who have not received any letters yet. I saw a post this morning by someone who said she was not planning on coming back, but then she received an email notifying her that someone had sent her a letter.


    Also, receiving an email notifying you that someone has sent you a letter is the most 21st century concept ever.  

  • Maksim 2 years ago

    Hello Syvvie and SpiderHippy!

    I love hearing feedback and ideas! :D Thanks for taking the time, it is very appreciated. :) I am so happy to have people like you in the community!

    You can expect the mentions very soon! I noticed that was a problem :P

    About the letter sorting, that's awesome! I will think about how I will present that visually and intuitively, will definitely add that feature.

    There currently isn't a delete option for letters :P I am just not sure I understood the archive option? How would that work?

    What sort of letter options would you like to see? I was planning on adding all kinds of fonts, like cursive handwritting. Maybe the ability to change the background of the letter? To have a paper texture?

    The widgets are an awesome idea! I would love to add more personalization to each profile.

    How would the cat badge work?:D Sounds cool! Do you mean like a badge next to the username or like the awards in the profile?

    Again, great idea for more search filter options! It would really help engage new/inactive users! Will add more filters there soon including one to sort by sign in date and the one you mentioned about zero letters received:)

    Anyone who has ideas and suggestions is welcome! Feel free to leave feedback, I read it all, I just might not respond immediatelly:P

    Maksim ^-^)/

  • Syvvie 2 years ago

    So the archive thing... Basically it's like a "saved" folder - you can move letter groups that maybe aren't active anymore into this folder. So kind of like "delete" but instead of disappearing, it would go into a folder. If I need to try to explain better again, let me know haha

    Cat badge, like the awards! Hahahaq

    For the letter customization, yes! More fonts, background colors or designs. Anything that could be done would be awesome!


    I second the search filter options!

  • B3141 2 years ago

    Maybe the ability to add images to pictures? Otherwise I'm stuck with linking an imgur post which I can do but it might save some hassle to directly attach it to the letter.

  • Feisar 2 years ago

    Hmm, pretty sure when you're writing a letter there is a button "previous letters", try it by composing a new letter :)

  • Maksim 2 years ago

    Hey all!

    I am working on the things you all mentioned here:) I recently added a profanity filter, previous letters button while reading letters, lazy loading images, improved the search and fixed filtering bugs, also added search by username, added a mention system (still working on that)... and tons of other stuff are on their way :P

    Be on the lookout for new stuff! ;) Have a great day!

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