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  • Commandocat 3 years ago

    Hello All, 

    I have an affinity towards learning new languages, but have never mastered any of them :( 

    Tried my hands on German, Korean, Spanish and Hebrew. 

    Is there anyone who shares the same situation?

  • Ezzolid 3 years ago

    Hey there, 

    I love languages myself although I have been moving lately from trying to learn them into simply learning about them. I have a thing for Dialects that are so different than the language they are derived from that they can be classified as a language themselves. I guess that only makes sense since my mother tongue fits into that category.

    perhaps the reason you never mastered any of those languages is that you did not have enough of a reason to learn them? learning simply for the sake of learning is a great deal of fun, but it can easily wear off after some time. this is one the reasons why I made the jump from learning languages into learning about them haha.

  • Gahara31 3 years ago

    ohh maybe I do. been trying to learn japanese for like 10 years sporadically, nope, my japanese suck. early this year I tried learning German and yeah, I feel no drive. If there's something I learn from failing to learn (you get my point) is that learning language require dicipline, in which I can't give on both of my learning. Vieliecht ein Freund, zum gemeinsamen Lernen könnte helfen?

  • Ezzolid 3 years ago

    Das denke ich auch! perhaps talking with natives of your target language can help too!

    all the best in your language learning journey. ich drücke dir die daumen:)

  • Tltdynamyt 3 years ago

    Hi guys,

    Same situation here too. I've been trying to learn Spanish, Japanese and German ( Spanish for 4 years lol). Yet I haven't learned a single one yet.


  • Vallie 3 years ago

    I love languages too! Totally get you on the too many at once thingy, I want to learn a handful and can never focus on just one at once, i end up having a very small knowledge in 2 or 3 instead of mastering one, frustrating but eh what can we do

  • Salmonrun 3 years ago

    Absolutely. French, Spanish, Icelandic, Nahuatl, and Irish Gaelic here... Not near enough to be conversant, unfortunately, mostly just a smattering of vocabulary and grammar. I would love to learn some Arabic and Hebrew someday too. Most of my language knowledge tends to be driven more by learning etymology than anything else - learning to recognize when a word is going to have latinate vs. germanic vs. arabic roots etc (for English anyway) and following that back to learn about the word's history. 

    I figure, though, learning anything is better than none at all - it helps cross that threshold just a teeny bit and make it that much easier to come back to it again someday. Doesn't need to be all or nothing. Fluency would be wonderful, but if I haven't put the work to be there that's on me. Maybe someday.

  • Badankan 3 years ago

    I know the feeling, 

    I speak Swedish, English, Spanish and a little German.

    Been trying to learn Russian for over a year and feels like I'm getting way to little progress than I should.

  • Maksim 3 years ago

    I feel the same way! :P I tried to learn Japanese and Italian, actually was doing good with Japanaese but lost the drive after a while:/ I hope I come back to it at some point.

  • NiSayingKnight 3 years ago

    yea. My target languages are German, Russian and Khmer. Likely Italian too. I speak Spanish, but i'd like to speak it at my English level.

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