Traditional meals and drinks

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  • RisticMilos 2 years ago

    Hi there, I am curious to learn about traditional meals in the world. Hope this discussion will be interesting to a lot of you.
    I come from Serbia and I will not talk just about Serbian food, instead I will talk also about other Balkan countries.
    Let's start with breakfast because we have to start the day well 😅. At the morning there is tradition to drink one shot of rakija (rakija is alchohol drink with 50+%, it's homemade, we don't like industial rakija it is like acetone haha). By tradition you'll be healthy and live longer if you drink rakija every morning, but only one shot (we drink a lot more if we meet :D). Of course we drink also black or turkish coffee.
    Depending on where in Balkan you live, you have for breakfast homemade dried meat, like kobasica (sausage), slanina (bacon) etc, with that there is sir (cheese) or kajmak (like a cream but better). Or you'll just go to buregdžinica and get burek. Burek is best if you eat it in some Bosnian sandwich shop (buregdžinica). Burek is like pie but with a lot of meat. There is not burek with any other ingreedient, if you put cheese in it then it is sirnica.. And with burek there is always jogurt.
    Hope this was interesting I can't wait for your's breakfast routines 😁
    Hope you have great day!

  • Filip12345 2 years ago

    Je si li za upoznavanje?

  • Sixtsunami 2 years ago

    Hello! My family comes from all over the world, mostly Poland, Hungary, and Italy. They all moved to America just before World War 2. 

      The first food my grandmother ever made me was Cinnamon Oatmeal. It is made out of a bunch of crisp little seed-like grains called oatmeal. She put a lot of them in a bowl and put sugar and cinnamon all over it, then she took a pot of boiling water and gently poured some of it in. It made a thick, soup-like substance. 

      I've also had Balkan sausage and Turkish coffee, it was pretty good. Depending on your family, you can have Bacon or Sausage for meat, pancakes (fluffy dough with syrup), waffles (Crispy pancakes with holes to capture syrup), French toast sticks (short sweet pieces of bread with hard ends and fluffy insides) , and bread. Sometimes we have scrambled eggs (cooked, fluffy insides of an egg). For drinks, we have Coffee, Milk, and according to what you like, Apple Juice, Orange Juice, or Grape Juice (not wine) 

      My grandfather, who visited Yugoslavia in the 1980's said it was like a paradise, he also brought home Burek recipes, and we've had them occasionally ever since.

  • LilGardenWitch 2 years ago

    Hey!  Born and raised in the United States.  I skip breakfast most days.  But we eat cereal with milk a lot. Often a bagel (boiled dough in a circle shape) with cream cheese, or toasted bread with jam.  Since we have chickens we eat a lot of eggs in the morning, on occasion bacon or sausage.  My family also likes frech toast (bread dipped in egg, milk & cinnamon, fried on a skillet).  We live in a Danish town so we also enjoy Ebelskiver's (puffy danish pancake balls).  Orange juice and coffee are a must.

  • Sarahs373 2 years ago

    Hello! Also from the United States, in the state of Nebraska. There are a lot of foods in America that could be considered breakfast foods, but in my family (if we eat breakfast at all) we typically will have cereal or a muffin on weekday mornings before work. If it's a weekend, we'll make a big breakfast that usually includes eggs, bacon/sausage, waffles/pancakes/french toast, fruit, and of course, coffee. Lately my boyfriend's mother's boyfriend, Billy, who has spent a lot of time in Hawaii, has gotten us started eating rice in the morning with a runny fried egg and some sausage on top. It's fantastic.  

  • Darwinmakesfriends 2 years ago

    My wife's breakfast routine is almost always cereal and milk. On the weekends, she sometimes eats hot oatmeal with brown sugar or grits (ground hominy corn boiled - polenta might be the closest thing) with maple syrup. She's from the mid-Atlantic region of the US. I'm from the South. During the week, I might eat cereal with fruit (blueberries or bananas, mostly), a fruit smoothie (yogurt and fruit), or knäckebröd with cheese. (That last one is Scandanavian, not American.) On weekends when I have more time, I often make grits (20 minutes cooking time), sometimes with eggs on the side. The traditional southern preparation for grits is butter, salt, and black pepper. My peculiar variation is butter, Marmite, black pepper, and smoked ghost pepper flakes. For treats, my son likes chocolate chip pancakes and French toast.

  • Angelpal4 2 years ago

    South Texas here (U.S). Since we're close to the Mexican border, a lot of our food is what we call TexMex. Breakfast here is usually eggs, either by itself or with other sides such as bacon, sausage, spam, potatoes. A common TexMex breakfast is breakfast tacos. My personal favorites are bean and egg, chorizo and egg, and potato egg bacon and cheese. All of these are wrapped in a flour tortilla and sometimes topped with salsa. Another quick and easy breakfast favorite of mine is Kolaches (sausage wrapped in a dough with cheese, and sometimes jalapeños). A favorite for my kids is cereal with milk, pancakes/waffles and fruit. 

  • Astor 2 years ago

    Hello! I'm from England, my bf is from Scotland, and we live in Ireland, so we're a bit mixed in our food.

    We don't eat breakfast often, but when we do we like to have square sausage in a roll with butter and a sauce of our choice. I like mayonaise, he likes HP Fruity sauce.

    On occasion we will have a fry up. That is: Sausage, bacon, onion, white/black pudding and potato farls. I like mushrooms on mine and he likes baked beans. Fried egg is traditional but we're not fussed on them.

    If we're on the go we might have a sausage roll or a jambon.

  • Vicky_18 2 years ago

    Hello everyone. I'm from Indonesia.

    I personally don't eat breakfast, just coffee or tea in the morning.

    Typical Indonesian breakfast usually involving rice; fried rice with eggs, rice porridge with shredded chicken and special seasoning, rice cake with sauce made of coconut milk and some toppings, rice cooked with coconut milk (nasi uduk), lupis (rice cake in rectangle shape, served with brown sugar and shredded coconut). We also sometimes eat fried noodle, assortment of traditional cakes or fried banana or whatever leftovers from the night before eaten with rice. Not particularly healthy but in Indonesia, you haven't really eaten if you haven't eaten rice.

    Some people do like simplicity and eat white bread with jam (rarely toasted) or biscuits. It depends.

  • UwU_Eliana 2 years ago

    Hi everyone I come from Mexico but now I live in Arizona and well there's an on-going list of foods and drinks I could talk about but I want to save y'all some time :)


    Horchata(Hor-cha-tha): Horchata is a Mexican drink and it's basically rice milk with cinnamon. And this drink goes way back to the 13th century! Sometimes when there are family get-togethers then the adults will put some type of alcohol in it (usually rum). 

     Jamaica: Jamaica is a very original Mexican drink and it is a hibiscus tea. And this drink is famous for lots of things like rum, beer, sorrel tea, ginger rum, and even coffee! And the rum that comes from Jamaica can actually be bought right here in America.

    Common Foods(2):

    Tacos: I'm sure that most of you have either heard or tasted this delicious enlightenment. Tacos are VERY common in Mexico and are just amazing this is like that type of food that you would find at that certain party as if there is a family get-together there is almost always Tacos. If you don't already know what Tacos are Tacos are crunchy (or soft) flipped tortilla and inside there is the following: ground beef, chicken, or Asada (another type of beef) usually some type of meat that you prefer and some vegetables like diced tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage and of course you can't eat the taco without cheese! Overall it is REALLY delicious!

    Tamales: Tamales are again VERY traditional and found basically anywhere you go to in Mexico or New Mexico. And I'm sure some of you have heard about tamales or tasted them they are SOOOO good! If you don't know what a Tamale is it's again some type of meat inside and chilies, seasonings, veggies, and on the outside is a masa, masa is a dough made from corn flour to make tortillas, Tamales, etc...  And Tamales are also a Mesoamerican dish!

    Well, I hope you have learned a little about Mexican foods and Drinks and you guys have a Maravilloso ( Spanish for wonderful) Day!!!!!! :)



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