MBTI Types?

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  • Sophi_hp45 2 years ago

    I'll paste a link to the most well-known site that provides a test for it:


    For those wondering, I'm an INFJ-T :).

  • B3141 2 years ago

    INTP-T, whatever that means

  • Adam_D 2 years ago

    I'm a INTP, so basicly i'm disfunctional...

  • Vicky_18 2 years ago

    I'm INTP-T.

    According to 16 personalities I have close to zero feelings. Ha.

  • BallpointBlake 2 years ago

    I love that everyone who has posted so far is INT* 


    This is the most INTJ's I've seen in one place, I'm also INTJ. Hello my fellow robots!

  • Syvvie 2 years ago

    I'm INFP! I don't remember what that other letter was though 🤔 I really don't want to retake it to remember haha

  • Tarfu 2 years ago

    Done this test several times and I've always landed on ENFP

  • Gahara31 2 years ago

    I got ISFP-T . i just want to say i'm not like that. 

  • Feisar 2 years ago

    Well, looks like I'm a INTJ-A, the only thing i know is true about me is that I'm an introverted ahah

  • An 2 years ago

    I'm INTP

    But I'm not as smart as they say.


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