Very new and slightly confused.

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  • JustALittleNervous 1 year ago

    not sure if I'm doing this right...but, hello! New here and can't wait to start connecting with people!

  • JustALittleNervous 1 year ago

    Hey! How ya doing?

  • Isaac 1 year ago

    Hi! I'm new to and I wanted to ask if we have to print our letters and send or if it is done electronically.

  • B3141 1 year ago

    It's all electronic. Don't worry, I wondered that too when I first got on the site

  • Sabi6630 1 year ago

    Hello There :)

  • Zwriter 9 months ago

    I'm new too! Just created my account today and looking for someone to be an online friend.

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