What are your intelligences?

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  • CherryShark 2 years ago

    My classes are always handing out tests to self-analyze. Here's an assessment to find your top intelligences and ways to use them to learn easier. It helped me and I hope it works for you guys as well.


  • Salmonrun 2 years ago

    Not to be a total buzzkill, but (to be a total buzzkill anyway, sigh) - I'm a tad dubious of this particular version of this test because it makes the assumption that your interests overlap with your skills, which is not necessarily the case. Were it just a handful of questions along the enjoyment scale, that's fair I figure since people tend to get good at things they enjoy (and enjoy things they're good at!), but it's proportionally quite a lot of them and I'd worry about it being biased in that direction.

    That said, Gardner's intelligences can definitely be a handy tool for figuring out how to approach learning things. Especially when you use a couple at a time while going over the same topic - taking in the information through a couple different modes will help you get a much more complete understanding of what you're looking at. :)

    Intrapersonal, Natural, Kinesthetic over here. How 'bout you?

  • Snabbus 2 years ago

    Now I just feel bad for sucking at math and not playing any instruments! Just kidding. Self, social and nature here.

  • Briecheese 2 years ago

    Music, nature, and language!

  • Gahara31 2 years ago

    self, language, and nature for me. I don't think this exactly how people describe me..

  • Dustpan 2 years ago

    Logic/Math, Body Movements, and Spatial. 


    Cool test, seems pretty accurate to me. 

  • Sophi_hp45 2 years ago

    Self, language, and nature.

    I think this makes a lot of sense for me.

  • TheGreatGonzo 1 year ago

     Nature, Music and Language - sounds about right tbh. Does help clarify some things, actually.

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