Who else came here from reddit?

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  • Salmonrun 1 year ago

    Aha, I was wondering about the sudden influx of people. Now it makes sense. Welcome, y'all. :)

  • Jzhenson 1 year ago

    I did too!

  • Darwinmakesfriends 1 year ago

    Ooh! Ooh! Me!

  • TheWanderer 1 year ago

    Yeah me to

  • Xfactor1789 1 year ago

    Pretty sure a lot flooded over here to give it a shot lol

  • Maple5yrup 1 year ago

    from reddit, i came

  • Theblueone 1 year ago

     Made an account from reddit post too (: 

  • Douglasio 1 year ago

    Oh hell yeah

  • MorningGlory 1 year ago

    Same 😂 Saw the AMA and wanted to check it out

  • Classyiguana 1 year ago

    I did. I had never heard of this before, lol. 

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