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Hey! My name is Boman, I work as an IT professional, love geeky things like board games, books, legos and video games, but also arts and going to concerts or theatre or musicals and such. Born and raised in Germany, but with Korean heritage, lived in the US for a bit and would love to write and communicate with people from everywhere! I sometimes joke that I can write small novellas as letters, but truth be told I am happy to just write about everything that comes to my mind :) More/Less

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10 months ago

My usual hobbies include a bunch of nerdy things like board games / video games and other indoorsy activities. However during quarantine, I tried something new and surprisingly fun while hunkering down: Gardening. I planted Korean cucumber plants on the balcony and am quite happy with the delicious results (although sadly, that plant is withering down now). This is the first of the cucumbers I harvested this summer.