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Basic Info

Heyy, I‘m Judy!
I‘m very new to penpaling, but I would love to send you artsy letters with small extras:) I‘m trying to find my luck in life and live my spiritual, witchy life. If you‘re interested text me<3 More/Less

German English Italian
Art and Crafts Arts/cultural Astrology
Astronomy Seaglass collecting Seashell collecting Self-Improvement Shoes Shopping Shopping for latest trends Singing Soap making Social Social Networking Stargazing Swimming Table Tennis Table tennis Tarot Tarot card reading Travel Traveling Vintage Books Vintage car Vintage clothing Walking Wall Art Watching Movies Watching TV Watching movies Watercolor Paintings Writing strategy games dogs Book collecting Butterfly Watching Cake Decorating Calligraphy Candle making Cloud Watching Collecting Artwork Cooking Creative writing Dancing Digital arts Digital Photography Do it yourself Drawing Floral Arrangements Flower arranging Flower collecting and pressing Foreign language learning Going to movies Guitar Keep A Journal Learning A Foreign Language Learning An Instrument Listening to music Magic Meditation Mineral collecting Nail Art Painting People Watching Photography Playing music Pole Dancing Reading Scrapbooking Socializing with friends/neighbors Storytelling TV watching Writing Music Writing Songs Spirituality Crystals Psychology

Born in: Germany

Lives in: Germany

Stamps Collected (9)
Sri Lanka Netherlands United Kingdom Ukraine France
Awards Collected (1)
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