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Artist/Creative Person👩‍🎨 | I do tons of artsy things, even artsy things I’m not good at because I love it! More/Less

Art Activities Art Collecting / Collectibles Art and Crafts
Arts and Crafts Arts/cultural Artwork Astrology Astronomy Baking Sculpting Sculpture Sewing Soap making Stamps Stargazing Vintage clothing Watercolor Paintings insects dogs Animals Arts Bird watching Book collecting Bookbinding Candle making Card collecting Church/church activities Cloud Watching Coin Collecting Collecting Coloring Comic book collecting Cross-Stitch Crossword Puzzles Digital arts Digital Photography Do it yourself Drawing Embroidery Flower collecting and pressing Gardening Jewelry Making Jigsaw Puzzles Keep A Journal Legos Models Origami Painting Papermache Papermaking Photography Puzzles Reading Rock Collecting Scrapbooking Sudoku

Born in: United States

Lives in: United States

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3 years ago

hello, I’m Kath! I love art and just crafting and creating in general! Recently, I’ve been doing mostly digital art but i’m trying to get back into colored pencils again! I really love all mediums though and do a bit of everything! I’m always in the middle of working on like 20 projects lol and I really do plan to finish all of them but it’ll probably take a while. I just love the process of creating and seeing what I can make! (also, I know I use too many exclamation marks)