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I am 31 years old and from America. I love traveling and have been to 29 countries so far. Everywhere from Mongolia to Botswana to France to Costa Rica. I love to meet new people and experience new cultures and food and traveling is the best way to do that! I also love sports, specifically American football, soccer and auto racing. I also love animals. I have two cats of my own (Celine and Dion) and yes I love music, Celine Dion specifically. I love genuine, honest people and loyalty is a trait that seems to be dying in our society. I'd love to meet and write to people who have similar interests and who knows, maybe meet up one day! More/Less

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Born in: United States

Lives in: United States

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2 months ago

Looking for pen pals who love hand written letters as much as I do! I've traveled the world (29 countries and counting) and love sports and would love to meet and write to people who share similar interests!