Might wanna fix this :/

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  • Feisar 3 years ago

    So, i saw that in the mailbox, you can see the average time it takes to send a letter, great isn't it? But...The time is written as -for example- 1h96...This isn't really the best way to write an hour, i think i'm not the only one thinking that x)

    Anyway, it still is a great app, just need this to be fixed, and probably a few other thing, I'll look around to share more of those :)

  • Feisar 3 years ago

    Well, I've just found something else:) In the about us feature, the logo of Linkedin and IG won't show up when you're hovering the picture of Maksim :)  

    Just wanted to add that none of what I'm saying here is meant to be negative, it just help the dev (i hope) by looking by myself for that sort of bugs :) I'm just doing this to help y'know :)

  • Maksim 3 years ago

    Thanks a lot for taking the time to write feedback! This is super useful and helpful to me :) I will definitely take a look at it soon and fix/modify it all :D

  • Feisar 3 years ago

    Found something else, only one smartphone this time! When opening the tab menu, the hitbox are as wide as the screen, but the logos only take a small part of them. It's not a bug itself, but i think adding the name of the categories would make it more pleasant to see :) I've done a photoshop to make an example of what i mean :)

    But, i don't know if this one really need to be "fixed" since an android may arrive, the website will be less used on smartphone, i think. 


    Here's the quick photoshop I've made for what could be made for the tab menu on smartphone :) 


  • Feisar 3 years ago

    Found something again, even tho i'm not sure at 100% by what it is caused :/

    When opening your mailbox, if its list reach its full height, the "feedback" button and the nav button between the pages of the mailbox are at the same height. The thing is if you try to instantly change the page of your mailbox without scrolling down, nothing happen. After inspecting the page, it seems the flexbox (if you're using flexboxes oc) is the total lenght of the page. I tried to look into other possible problems, but that's the only theory i've come with.

    See ya until my next find ahah :)

  • Feisar 3 years ago

    Oh, and something else, when browsing the news feed or the search feed, when going to the next page, the last post/person of the old thread become the first one of the new thread. 

  • RisticMilos 3 years ago

    Hi Feisar on the last suggestion I think that it has to do with the posts, if someone posts before you click on next page or if someone new created account then the whole feed moves and that's why you see that again.
    Glad to see that you are very helpful to this man about suggestions!
    Nice work!!

  • Feisar 3 years ago

    Yeah, tried to reproduce it and it didn't happened, guess it was just "bad luck" then, thank you !  :)

    Oh, and while i was thinking about it back when i was thinking it was a bug, I had the idea that making the feed some sort of infinite feed (like twitter or Facebook) could be a good idea :)

    Thank you, it's something i like to do with every website/software i use xD   


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