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  • XiaoYouYou 3 years ago

    Hi, hello, 你好😊

    Is anyone here learning Chinese on his own and would like to share some tips and tricks on how to stay focused and just how to get better and better? 

  • UwU_Eliana 3 years ago

    YES! Please I am in a Mandarin class and I want to know how to work on my pronunciation and tone!

  • Prebrandon1007 3 years ago

    Learning Mandarin considers the hardest language in the world according to humankind's world. Steps to learn Chinese: 
    1. Starting to memorize few characters per day. (10-12 char...)
    2. Practice daily without distractions.
    3. Use Duolingo or any language application that acquires you to speak Mandarin every day.
    4. Watch Youtube videos on how the Chinese language works or just see what are they meaning like America means Mei Guo.
    5. Visit the penpal website to get better of your Chinese language to discover the possibilities from someone in the People's Republic of China or even an Overseas Chinese person. 
    6. Lastly, have fun and the most important thing to do is get out of the comfort zone to have a conversation with the real in no time if you're only keeping practicing over the week or more.

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