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I am Blake, friend of all things nerdy. I love playing games, going on adventures, camping, hiking, reading, chatting, tech and electronics, and a million other things. I strive to be as kind as possible. Lifelong pacifist. Feel free to send a letter if you'd like! More/Less

Adventure park Alternate reality games Amateur astronomy
Amusement Park Arcade Games Archery/Crossbow Art and Crafts Backpacking Sightseeing Singing Spider Stargazing Swimming Tabletop games Telescopes Travel Treasure Hunting Tree climbing Trekkie Walking Woodworking Worldbuilding Writing Animals Bird watching Board games Book collecting Butterfly Watching Camping Card collecting Chess Compose Music Computer activities Cosplaying Creative writing Debate Digital arts Do it yourself Electronics Fossil hunting Gaming Geocaching Horse riding Insect collecting Keep A Journal Knife throwing Learning An Instrument Mountain Biking Musical Instruments Piano Poker Reading Renaissance Faire Stone skipping Storm Chasing Storytelling Tea Tasting Tetris Writing Music

Born in: United States

Lives in: United States

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Netherlands Switzerland Canada Belgium Philippines
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1 year ago

What's your favorite way to relax? Mine is pictured, hanging out on a hammock with a dog and a good book! Sometimes I like to just close my eyes and listen to the birds.



1 year ago

Does anyone else really love nighttime? I always feel more relaxed and comfortable, and every time I go outside the stars and the moon are my constant companions. There's so much majesty to it!


1 year ago

I love going on adventures and seeing the world! This is a picture I took of the Missouri River near sunset. There's something so relaxing about just sitting near the edge, and listening to the rushing water and the sounds of nature swell around you!