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Growing up, I watched ordinary people become larger-than-life characters. I revelled in the fragrance of drying paint and suffocated in the smoke of tobacco. I overheard animated discussions about the purpose of art and pricked my ears at the creak of wooden floorboards on the stage. Sadly, this is no more. Since then, I've written, directed and edited. I feel I've grown as an artist, but have so far been unable to form a lasting relationship with other people who have this innate desire to create something magnificent. I'm open to exchanging ideas and collaborating. Naturally, I'm not all about art. I enjoy learning about other cultures and unusual jobs, I would like to brush up on my French. I have a Master's in English studies, even though I hardly deserved it. With it, I sometimes work as a tutor, but I'm fully aware that my skills could be improved. TL;DR: I'm a creative person looking for like-minded individuals.

Age: 33
Gender: male
Current Country: Poland
Birth Country: Poland
Art Activities Arts/cultural Traveling and exploration Watching movies Writing Arts Board games Creative writing Digital Photography Photography Writing Music

English French Polish

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2 months ago

My two lovely cats: Yoda (the grey one) and Beza ("meringue" in Polish)