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I'm a Christian, writer, nurse, musician, tabletop gamer, cigar and scotch enthusiast, Oxford comma fan, and big-time Lover of Life™. I'm always interested in learning from other people, and I'd love to hear who you are and how you view life on this big, blue marble in the universe (or pancake(?), if you're a flat-earther). Cheers! More/Less

Archaeology Arts/cultural Tabletop games
Theater/Performing Arts Video Games Walking and Hiking Wargames Watercolor Paintings Animals Board games Church/church activities Cigar Smoking Compose Music Cooking Crochet Digital Photography Foreign language learning Golf Guitar Ice hockey

Born in: United States

Lives in: United States

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3 years ago

In the interest of fairness, here's my truth: No matter how strong my desire to be a "handyman" around the house, the truth is I pretty much make things worse every time I try to fix something. I feel like they're going to take away my Man Card at any moment. I mean, seriously: How am I supposed to build my own log cabin if I can't even get my kitchen faucet to stop dripping?


3 years ago

I'm not interested in yet another platform that takes up my time and tightens my social circle to only those who think like me, which is why I'm here. I believe we are only truly capable of growth when we are challenged. I'd love to connect with people from all over the globe to find out what life is like for you! Who are you? What are your dreams? What do you like to do? Tell me one truth about yourself.