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Hi! I'm here on GetAPenPal to find people to send physical letters to; please use this link if you'd like the same! *** https://forms.gle/NT2BmxaR2DbkCQvz6 *** I've been pen pal-ing for a few years and I love it. I'm happy to write to anyone, anywhere. Expect stationery, fountain pens, wax seals, etc. None of it is expected in return, though! I get a lot of migraines, so I love interacting with things that don't involve screens. I'm constantly torn between a passion for animals and the outdoors, and the written word; I work as an editor in education, but I may run away to be a zookeeper at any moment. I'm also an endless sponge for history and the whys and hows of civilization. Sushi, chocolate, blue, June, ISTJ, folksy/classic rock, LOTR, AZ native, SX, the holiday season, "The Starless Sea" by Erin Morgenstern. More/Less

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11 months ago

Hello lovely people! If you sent me letter late October/November, I am SO SORRY. I'm just now writing back to you. I've been sick for about a solid month and am finally getting back to normal. (Not COVID, just recurring strep. Super fun.)


1 year ago

Want to exchange physical letters through the mail? I have a form for that now. :) Very open to GetAPenPal online letters if you'd like make sure I'm not a serial killer first! I'm also very sorry to the couple of people I sent "letters" to before I realized they are NOT instant messages!! ***https://forms.gle/NT2BmxaR2DbkCQvz6***



1 year ago

First impressions... love that the searchable age range goes up to 150. NGL, I'd be pretty jazzed to talk to someone 150. And the bird-friend is my favorite <3


1 year ago

Fresh from r/penpals :)