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Hello friends! I'm never sure what to put on these but I'll try! I dream of having my own coffee shop and am working towards that goal. I love creative things and activities that take me to another place. I'm currently working my way through the anime Re:ZERO and it's amazing. I love the horror genre and am working on a tattoo arm sleeve based on that. I currently have Jason and Freddy and I'm excited for what it will turn in to. While I love dark, bloody, and creepy I also love pastel, glitter, and adorable. I struggle picking between the two a lot. I enjoy the goth Lolita aesthetic and would love to dress up that way but money is an issue. Someday I guess. I hope that helps! I look forward to talking with you! More/Less

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3 years ago

I love this onery cat so much. This is one of her favorite spots.